FCCLA Goes to Nationals Virtually


   Holmes Award Winning FCCLA Team

Pictured from left to right: Isabella Rivera, Philip “Maverick” McDonald, Kelly Gauck, adviser, Lisette Rodriguez, Bailey Wiebe, and Lillie Rice
 (not pictured Bryce McDonald & Bennett Sufak)

April 10, 2021 – 213 students from Colorado faced the challenges of COVID and continued to develop their leadership skills by competing in the virtual 2021 FCCLA State Leadership Conference. Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) members and advisers submitted STAR events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) on March 19 to allow them to compete in this non-typical school year.  Typically, a normal year would bring out over 1100 students to compete at the state leadership conference. Less than one-fourth of the students had the determination to face the Ultimate Leadership Challenge even with the virtual conference.


Holmes FCCLA earned three Colorado FCCLA State Awards for their work. 1) Families First – collecting basic toiletries for our families and donating food products for Thanksgiving bags. 2) Chapter Service project – prepared and distributed 75 Artisan bread mixes and taught them via video how to prepare yeast bread. 3) Gold Merit Chapter – completing several activities through the year related to national program.


Isabella Rivera earned a silver medal in Focus on Children as she taught lessons on steps to healthier eating habits. Maverick and Bryce McDonald earned a gold medal and a national qualification in Food Innovations, creating Grandma Rose’s Irresistible Raisin Cookie Mix, celebrating 75 years of FCCLA with a vintage recipe. Lisette Rodriguez, Holmes chapter president, earned a gold medal and national qualifications in Career Investigation as she dreams of and is preparing to become a US Army Officer, graduating from West Point. Bailey Wiebe and Lillie Rice earned a high silver in Chapter Service Project and earned national qualifications as they presented the Artisan Bread Project: “Connecting Families One Loaf at a Time.” Bennett Sufak also qualified to compete at Nationals with his FCCLA Chapter Website.


FCCLA’s STAR Events are based on the belief that every student is a winner. Students select, plan, prepare and present a variety of events to develop a variety of skills. Competition, evaluation, and recognition all stress cooperation as the basis of success. Youth and adults work together to manage the events and serve as evaluators of the participants. Throughout the year, FCCLA members participate in community service projects and leadership development activities and compete in a variety of events.


Career Pathways is a D11 program at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus offered to all high school students in the district. 

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In the Hospitality Pathway, students applied culinary arts and restaurant management skills through FCCLA STAR Event projects. In the Education Pathway, students applied knowledge of child growth and development, age-appropriate practices, and lesson planning through the FCCLA STAR Event, Early Childhood Education.

The next three competitors highlighted are Hospitality Pathway students who attend Odyssey ECCO.

Presley Abeyta is a Hospitality Pathway student.  As a ProStart student, Presley applied knife skills, demonstrated her skills while making tomato concasse, and practiced safety and sanitation while preparing and plating bruschetta for her state STAR Event - Gourmet Food Presentation: Savory.  Presley earned a gold medal and first place.  


Savanna Linn is a Hospitality Pathway student. As a ProStart student, Savanna demonstrated how to make a fruit coulis, whipped cream, a sweetened cream cheese filling, and crepes. She practiced safety and sanitation while preparing and plating crepes with strawberry coulis for her state STAR Event - Gourmet Food Presentation: Sweet.  Savanna earned first place and a gold medal.  

Vanessa Lenn as a ProStart Business & Economics student, applied her entrepreneurship skills to create a business proposal for a food truck. Her business plan included a mission statement, menu, marketing, SWOT analysis, and a website.  Vanessa earned a silver medal and first place in the national STAR Event - Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation. Vanessa qualified for nationals.


Brithany Garcés Zermeno is a Future Educator Pathway student and Odyssey - ECCO FCCLA Chapter President. attends As an Early Childhood Education student, she applied her knowledge of child growth and development, age-appropriate practices, and lesson planning skills to develop a math lesson for children ages (3-5 years old) supporting the theme of "Community Helpers". She also created an electronic portfolio to demonstrate her knowledge and skills gained from the Early Childhood Education class and her 60-hour internship in a kindergarten classroom at Queen Palmer Elementary School. Brithany earned a gold medal and first place in the national STAR Event - Early Childhood Education. Brithany qualified for nationals.


All national qualifiers will be competing virtually at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference to be held in Nashville, TN this summer.  Congratulations to all the members of FCCLA who illustrated their determination.


For more information on FCCLA, please contact Kelly Gauck at denise.gauck@d11.org at Holmes Middle School. Holmes Middle School is the only middle school to offer a comprehensive Family & Consumer Science program and FCCLA Chapter in the Colorado Springs area at the middle school level. Heading to high school? Contact Andrea Aragon at Odyssey – ECCO for more information andrea.aragon@d11.org. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Presley Abeyta  


 Savanna Linn                                                      


Vanessa Lenn             

Vanessa Lenn

Brithany Garces Zermeno

 Brithany Garces Zermeno