School-Home Communication

With so many things changing at such a quick pace, it is now more important than ever to make sure that the line of communication between school and home is clear.

Our school will always send/post important school updates in multiple ways:

  • Via Class Dojo
  • Website Announcement
  • Email
  • D11 App Notification
  • School Newsletter

Please understand that it is the Parents responsibility to make sure that the school has correct and up-to-date contact information.  Please be sure to connect with our school on Class Dojo and to check your email regularly.  If you are not checking these sources you are missing out on important and sometimes vital information regarding your students. 

If you need to update your contact info (phone number, email address), please contact our Front Office staff @ 719-328-7200. 

If you need to be connected on Dojo, you will need to contact your child's teacher directly.  Teacher/staff email addresses can be found on our school website in the "Contacts" section under "Staff Directory."