Information from the School Accountability Committee

Hello Holmes Community,

Last Thursday night the D11, District Accountability Committee held a school board candidate forum where candidates were given an opportunity to share their positions on various issues and decisions D11 is currently facing. Some of these are ongoing efforts and some are brand new on the ballot this year. The questions posed to the candidates included:

  • How do you see your partnership with the District Accountability Committee (DAC)?
  • What is the role of the board in curriculum development?
  • If elected, how would you create a strong partnership with D11 faculty and staff?
  • What are your feelings about the Facilities Master Plan? 
  • and more...

To watch a recording of the panel discussion, click the link below:

 DAC School Board Panel - 10/22/21

Password: DACRecording21

Our school board is an elected body which represents your interests with the district. They make key decisions that affect the district as a whole, but also Holmes directly. While there are often opportunities to have direct input into these decisions through participation on committees, the greatest impact you have is voting for candidates that will represent your views accurately and form effective partnerships with school and community leaders.

We send this information on behalf of the Holmes School Accountability Committee, and hope you will take a moment to get to know these candidates better in order to make an informed decision on your ballot, due Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021.


Tony Karr, Holmes Principal

Hannah Ditto, SAC Chair