Request for Parent Support and Monitoring of Student Social Media

Good afternoon,

There is currently a TikTok challenge circulating via that social media application to vandalize school's bathrooms. If you are unfamiliar with TikTok, simply ask your student what they know - chances are you will get a lot of background. 

Participating with this social media "challenge" is less than acceptable; unfortunately, students across the region, including at our school, are completing this challenge. We currently have active investigations in response to hundreds of dollars worth of bathroom facility equipment being vandalized. Students proven to have vandalized school property for any reason, TikTok challenge or otherwise, will face suspension, restitution costs, restorative justice, and / or criminal vandalism charges. 

Our school is currently implementing social-emotional curriculum on a weekly basis as a proactive approach to, for example, support students with being cognizant of their thoughts, emotions, and decisions. If you would like to discuss our 2nd Step social-emotional curriculum and plan, please feel free to contact your students' counselor. 

As many of you know, I am a firm believer that "it takes a village". If inappropriate social media conduct spills over into school, I have very limited meaningful responses. Because of the potential safety issues, harm, and impact that Social Media has proven to incite, and because most of the response in my control is reactive, I request all parents and guardians to spend time reviewing and discussing your son's or daughter's social media access, posts, recently viewed items, etc. Furthermore, I encourage all parents and guardians to consider a reduction, limit, or outright restriction of their son's or daughter's social media use. As a suggestion, a good rule of thumb is no social media after 8:00pm - in our professional experience, very little viewed, posted, or discussed by young adults after that time is productive.

If you need support with how to engage with your son or daughter on this topic, please let us know. 

Thank you, 

Anthony Karr, Principal