Comprehensive School Counseling

Hello Holmes Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. We at the Holmes Counseling Department are writing to provide you with information about the wide variety of services and programing we will be utilizing this year to support our students. Holmes Counseling Department works to follow a comprehensive school counseling model as laid out by ASCA (American School Counselors Association). By following this model we are able to work to meet the needs of all students within our school. Below is a look at the services and programing the Holmes Counseling Department provides for students to support their personal and educational growth.

Second Step

Second Step is a district wide SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) curriculum that is delivered at Holmes every Monday by the core, grade level teachers. These lessons are reinforced on Friday during a multi-grade level advisory (Hawk Time) where students engage in discussions and activities to reinforce SEL learning. Some of the topics our teachers will be covering this year include Mindsets and Goals, Bullying and Harassment, Thoughts and Emotions, and Managing Social Conflicts. In order to ensure the effectiveness of this program, we will also administer a survey twice this school year. The Panorama survey assesses our students’ social and emotional skills and identified areas for growth.

ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan)

Part of a school counselor’s job is to support students within the realm of College and Career readiness. Colorado utilizes the ICAP program to facilitate our students’ growth within this area. School counselors will implement ICAP this semester and complete the appropriate grade level curriculum. Each year’s ICAP components build upon the previous year’s to allow for individual growth and preparation for life after high school.

Small Groups

Small groups are an excellent avenue to provide targeted support to students. At Holmes, we will be utilizing a school wide comprehensive screener (see below) to identify students who may need more support as well as the topics and skills that will be addressed within these groups. Groups that will likely run this year are study skills, communication, self-regulation, anxiety, and attendance.

School Wide Comprehensive Screener

This year at Holmes we will be utilizing a social-emotional needs assessment to identify students who may benefit from individual or small group support. Parents are welcome to contact their student's counselor if they wish to view the social-emotional needs assessment or to opt their student out of taking that assessment.

Lunch Bunch

During lunches, school counselors will be offering a meeting space to rotating groups of students. Students will have the option to eat lunch with their grade level counselor and other students. Some potential lunch bunch groups include New Students, Military Family Support, Genders and Sexualities Alliance, and others as they are identified.

Individual Support

Students have multiple avenues to reach out to their counselor for individualized services for academics, college and career readiness, and emotional support. Each week on Monday students will complete an electronic form to inform their counselor if they need a check-in. Throughout the week students also have access to appointment requests through the counseling website. Parents/ Guardians may also use this avenue to request support for their student. Non-urgent check-ins will then be conducted during MTSS pullout times to ensure that students are not missing instructional time.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your grade level counselor.

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