COVID Information 4/16/21

Holmes Community,

All Holmes families receive this email and letter in order to be informed of any COVID incidents each time they may occur.

If you also received the COVID Close Contact Letter, it means your student is a close contact, and should quarantine as stated in that COVID Close Contact Letter.

If you have questions, please email Dave North at for more clarification.

Tony Karr, Principal

messages/attachments/aeda72ef84c7a7adef8c80286d286f6a/COVID_Not_Quarantined_Student_Letter_04.16.21.pdf (206.6 KB)
messages/attachments/277d8a155713dfeba0243a5a6cba19bc/COVID_Not_Quarantined_Student_Letter_04.16.21_%28Espanol%29.pdf (206.1 KB)