Return to Learn In-Person, Five Days a Week

Please review the information outlined below. This will hopefully answer many of your questions, but perhaps not all. If you need more information, please let us know. 

The following pandemic safety protocols items CAN be enforced at Holmes regardless of how many students are present in-person:

  • Requiring the proper use of facemasks
  • Routine disinfecting procedures for shared desks, tables, chairs, surfaces, and materials
  • Reinforcing good handwashing and personal hygiene
  • Maintaining adequate exterior air ventilation throughout the building
  • Daily health screenings for all people entering the building
  • Grade level cohort groups for entry to the building, passing periods in hallways, lunch, and all academic scheduling

The following items CANNOT be 100% enforced at Holmes while all students are present in-person (our ability to enforce these items increases as the number of students in the building decreases):

  • Quarantining and targeted contact tracing for students exposed to a confirmed, positive case of COVID-19
    • Targeted contract tracing is allowable under El Paso County's current status on the COVID-19 Dial 2.0 Framework if specific, site-based assurances for accurate contact tracing are maintained.
    • Greater number of students in the building reduces my ability to guarantee those assurances will be able to be maintained.
    • As a result, an entire grade level may need to quarantine instead of just close contacts.
  • Current social distancing practices of maintaining 3 feet or greater wherever and whenever possible.
    • 100% of our learning environment (classrooms and common areas) will not be able to maintain 3 feet of social distancing at all times

Finally, as Dr. Thomas noted in his communication, this final round of change to our learning environment, may result in students changing teachers. I will work to minimize this disruption, but this is a distinct possibility for our school. 

D11 Athletic participation will continue on the path that began in January, and additional extra-curricular participation in clubs may begin shortly after this return. 

We will communicate further important information if and when it becomes available.

Warm regards,

Anthony Karr, Principal