Palmer Athlete Scores Forever Family

Posted by Devra Ashby on 4/1/2022 12:00:00 PM

Alyssa Trujillo

Alyssa Rodriguez-Trullijo may be known for finishing in the top 20 in the city for scoring during the Palmer high school girls basketball season, but she has a story that goes much deeper. You see, this Palmer junior was in the foster system for nearly a decade.

“Right now, I should be in legal trouble," explains Rodriquez-Trujillo. "I shouldn't be doing well in school. I shouldn't be playing this sport. I kind of beat the odds. I did not grow up like any other teenage or little kid."

Alyssa’s story started when her biological mom and dad lost custody of her and her two siblings due to neglect and addiction behaviors. Basketball became her lifeline. Leaning on her adult support system, she established a trusting relationship with her coach, Eric Trujillo. One day, Coach Trujillo got a call from Alyssa’s caseworker letting him know they would soon be moving her to another city.

"So, my wife and I were like man if we can keep her here for a little bit - so temporally until they find her a permanent place in foster care. And then temporary - after a few weeks - turned into a couple of months, a couple of months turned into six months, six months turned into permanency placement, and then it turned into ‘we love this kid now’ and it just happened,” says Trujillo.

In March of this year, Alyssa was adopted by Coach Trujillo and his family, making their home her permanent home. "I am just really excited to welcome Alyssa into our home and officially call you my daughter," added Mrs. Trujillo.

So often we hear how D11 really is a family. In this case, that means so much more to Alyssa and the Trujillo family. #D11fam #D11Stories

*Story adapted from and credited to Jake Gadon/KOAA News 5