Biscuit the Therapy Dog

Posted by Devra Ashby on 3/7/2022 12:00:00 PM


My name is Biscuit and I have a job. I am an official therapy dog through Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD). My human mom practiced with me all types of silly requests such as sit, stay, and leave it while I was being bribed with small treats. I then had to prove I was willing to follow directions without the motivating treat (which wasn’t AS fun). After I easily passed the certification (I don’t understand why my human mom was so nervous), we had to focus on getting permission to visit my mom’s kindergarten class. Many conversations and permission slips later, I was introduced to a group of mostly giggly 5/6 year olds. It turns out these small humans leave many yummy crumbs around the room. And they seem love to pet me, read to me, and look at my ears. I am tough and just roll my eyes when they forget to be gentle or step on my tail. I get even by wagging my tail right in their face, which for some reason, most seem to think is funny. Some of the small humans were fearful of me, but I knew it was my job to show them how “chill” a big dog could be. Now they all fight to give me head or belly rubs. I don’t come everyday as its hard work. My body absorbs their “yucky” feelings and I need to be available when someone is having a tough time. I often snore after my hard day’s work.

I love my human mom, my job, and these little humans who read to me while playing with my ears. And yes, the crumbs are yummy too.

  • A service dog is specially trained to help a person with disabilities. A therapy dog is specially trained to provide comfort and affection to people
    in a variety of situations.

Biscuit was rescued at about 6 years of age and is now 13. You
can visit Biscuit at Fremont Elementary with her human mom,
Brenda Holmes-Stanciu