Marshall Fire - How Can We Help?

Posted by PATRICIA CROSBIE on 1/10/2022

All too often the kids throughout Colorado are competing against each other. But in tough, real-life situations, everyone in the state tends to stand together.

That’s been evident in the last few weeks as schools across the state have looked at the devastation from the Marshall Fire in Boulder County. There has been a commonly asked question from districts throughout Colorado.

How can we help?

Colorado Springs District 11 was planning early in the process. Before the fire had been put out, the athletic directors in the district were formulating a plan to donate a full gate from a winter sports contest to go towards students affected by the fire.

But they didn’t stop with themselves. The district leaders communicated with other area schools and within days had commitments from every Class 5A and 4A school in the Pikes Peak Region to join the cause.

“From the onset, the more the merrier,” Coronado athletic director Jim Porter said. “The AD’s (here) are a great group of guys and girls and we figured if we put something together that others would just jump in without any persuasion.”

Seeing the influx of schools willing to help is certainly something that warms Porter’s heart. His parents live in the vicinity of where the fire wreaked havoc and although they were outside of the evacuation zone, packed up and left their house out of precaution.

Porter’s family was lucky, but he can’t help but think of those that didn’t have the same luck. Leaping to action wasn’t even a question.

And the idea to encourage other schools to do the same stretches well beyond Colorado Springs. The general hope is that action will spring further action and other districts in other parts of the state will jump on board with the plan if they haven’t already.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s already happening,” Porter said. “Other areas and schools are jumping in and doing something, whether it’s gate fees or donating clothes. Whatever they can do, we’ve already seen a lot of schools in other areas jumping on board.”

There are several ways that parents, students, and fans can help in this situation, and perhaps the easiest one is attending a high school sporting event. After the winter break, competition has ramped back up and schools are using the enthusiasm of games resuming to provide help for those who were the victims of a tragic situation.

“It’s winter season, basketball is a big attraction,” Porter said. “We have big games coming off the break so that was the thought. Let’s maximize those for those in need.”