Jeff Peckham - Vocal Music Director at Palmer HS

Posted by DEVRA ASHBY on 8/29/2019

How much of an impact does a teacher have on their students? Ask Mike Bauer that question. Mike is a former D11 student who, at a very impressionable age, met a vocal music teacher by the name of Mr. Jeff Peckham.

Through tough times and trials, Mike came to trust Mr. Peckham and both bonded over music. Mr. Peckham helped teach Mike a life lesson: you have a choice to take the tough times in life and either use them to make you stronger and more positive, or let them break you.

Recently, Mike, who is now a Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney AND a LA-based independent singer/songwriter, paid it forward, visiting Palmer and conducting master’s music classes alongside of some of his professional music industry colleagues. Watch the full story in the video below of Mr. Peckham and Mike’s heartfelt bond between a student and his teacher/mentor.