A Behind the Scenes Peek: Teaching in D11

Posted by DEVRA ASHBY on 11/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

What does it take to be a teacher in D11? Not only do our amazing classroom educators obtain degrees (many have advanced degrees) and teaching licences, but they also go through a process called, "induction." This process is a coaching process that allows veteran educators to mentor those who are newer to the classroom environment. "In District 11, induction is an exciting thing for our new teachers. They are assigned a coach. This coach builds a relationship with you, goes into your classroom, watches you instruct, and provides you just-in-time feedback," says Lisa Wolf, D11 Induction Coordinator. 

Induction seeks to increase student achievement by developing teacher efficacy through confidential coaching, collaboration, consultation, and continuous, job-embedded Professional Development. For teachers new to the profession, an induction coach is just the type of mentor needed to build confidence and learn how to be succussful in the classroom and beyond. "We have the energy and we want to try new things, but it's good to know what works so we're not reinventing the wheel all the time," says Renee Chaves, second grade teacher at Keller Elementary School. 

For veteran teachers who want to teach what they've learned throughout their careers, being an induction coach is very rewarding. "I just wanted to have the opportunity as I was finishing my career to have that chance to work with the next generation of teachers, helping them achieve that same level of fullfillment that I was so lucky to have in District 11," says Julie Overtuf. Julie taught in D11 for more than 25 years and now she is helping to coach new teachers. 

We are thankful to all of our educators who have so much passion for educating our D11 students!

Watch the Induction video here