Buena Vista's Sustainable Lunch Trays Initiative

Posted by PATRICIA CLIKEMAN on 12/12/2022 9:00:00 AM

After months of research, planning, cooperation and coordination, Buena Vista is now one huge step closer to zero waste for its lunch program by replacing foam lunch trays with reusable ones.


This sustainability initiative aligns with Buena Vista's Montessori's commitment to creating a structured Montessori environment where children experience beauty and independence. With so much awareness about trash on our planet, implementing reusable trays is a source of happiness and empowerment for BV kids and adults alike!

Thank you to Buena Vista's Leading Lunch Lady, Tammy Burghart, and the school administration for their dedication to positive change, and to the Buena Vista PTA, SAC and the students of Buena Vista for their vision and support of this important project.

Tammy Burghart