BV Composting

New School-Wide Service Learning Project Beginning at BV 

Moving forward from our successful Empty Bowls events of the last two years, we’re beginning a new composting project where all of our students will have direct, ongoing involvement. This new project approaches the food waste issue from a different angle with a more concrete, long-lasting impact—a different approach than an Empty Bowls event. 

Upper Elementary students got us started with a great lesson from Dr. Mary Mauzy on the history of garbage, along with the why’s and how’s of composting. We’ll continue with lessons on food separation, then collecting and depositing food waste from lunch. We’ll also be gathering and re-purposing water from the water bottles served at lunch for the composting process, then recycling the water bottles and sporks. We’ll keep track of the amount of food waste we’re composting, and see if it reduces the overall amount of garbage we produce from school lunches. 

Once Upper Elementary students are proficient and running the project independently, we’ll involve Lower Elementary and Primary students. Upper Elementary students will be teaching, modeling, and coaching younger students on the process. 

We hope that by starting small, we’ll build a sustainable foundation that ultimately becomes a part of the BV fabric. We’re already excited about the growth potential and the opportunities this project provides! 

Stay tuned for more details, and opportunities to participate at BV and at home.

Carrie Delius