Fall 2019 Update

Posted by MLO Update Team on 10/21/2019 1:00:00 PM

Did you know that School District 11 has the largest mill levy on a per-pupil basis of any Colorado school district? Below are some updatest to the 2017 mill levy items implemented so far:

  1. Comprehensive Support Model – This item phases in over 6 years and we are now in the middle of the implementation.  We have already hired many nurses, psychologists and counselors related to the social/emotional needs of our children. We look forward to full implementation by FY 22/23.


  1. Teacher Compensation – Starting teacher salary was increased to over $39,000 and teachers received an average 7.2% raise spread between FY 17/18 and FY 18/19.  Those pay raises are now imbedded in the teacher salary schedule.


  1. ESP Compensation – ESP staff received an average of 10% increase spread between FY 17/18 and FY 18/19.  Those pay raises are now imbedded in the ESP salary schedule.


  1. Security – This line item provides for 5 additional School Resource Officers (SROs).  This item begins implementation this year and more fully implements next year.


  1. Class Size Reduction – This line item currently provides for 10 additional classroom teachers this year and a total of 25 additional classroom teacher starting next year and thereafter.  The teachers are assigned where enrollments are higher than projected.


  1. Technology Replacement – The first 3 years of this allocation ($1 million per year) were used for the District’s new phone system.  Future year allocations will be dedicated to server, PC and laptop replacements.


  1. Technology Staff – Four additional Technology staff have been hired to support our IT infrastructure.


  1. Capital Reserve/Construction – This line item phases in over the next six years but for the current fiscal year we are already spending approximately $16 million per year.  Unfortunately, we still have a significant backlog of urgent capital needs.  We are excited to see the planning for the reconstruction of our D11 facility infrastructure in the near future.


  1. Charter Schools – This line item provides a proportionate MLO allocation to charter schools (on a per-pupil basis), as required by law.


  1. Bond Debt Reserve – This line item has already accumulated over $20 million for the early repayment of our bonded indebtedness.