December 2018 Update

Posted by Mill Levy Override Update Team on 12/31/2018

At Penrose Elementary, kindergarteners are taking Project Based Learning (PBL) to a new level with their “Kindness Project.” Each project begins with a driving question that guides the students as they strive to brainstorm solutions for positive community change. Penrose kindergarteners have already contributed to the school’s community garden this year and are looking forward to making an impact on a much larger scale. The “Kindness Project” will include kindergarteners collaborating with One Nation Walking Together, a small non-profit assisting Native Americans, as well as local community organizations to provide hats, mittens, toys, socks and water as an act of kindness to those who might need a little boost this season. Ask any Penrose kindergartener and they will tell you, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” This project supports the newly implemented “Kindness in the Classroom” curriculum, which was introduced and made possible with funds from the 2017 mill levy override.