Odyssey ECCO Calendar and Bell Schedule Adjustments Due To Past Inclement Weather Days

Subject: Odyssey ECCO Calendar and Bell Schedule Adjustments Due To Past Inclement Weather Days

Dear Odyssey Families and Students,

This school year we have experienced an unusual number of snow days. By state law, all high schools in Colorado must schedule 1080 hours of instructional time and conduct a minimum of 1056 hours of instruction time. All high schools in District 11, with the exception of the Achieve School, are required to modify their school calendars and/or their bell schedules to meet the minimum time. Odyssey is currently at a deficit of -9.9 hours. To make up the required time, Odyssey ECCO staff collaboratively worked together to create the following solution that has no impact on family and students summer plans.

1) Bell Schedule Modification: Starting April 8th, Odyssey ECCO will be using a modified bell schedule for the remainder of the school year. Classes will start at 7:24, 6 minutes earlier than the current bell schedule. Busing routes and time will not change. However, we understand that drop off time doesn’t always occur at their scheduled time and we work with students who have legitimate reasons for attending class after 7:26. In addition to the earlier start, the passing period at the end of lunch will be removed. The school will still have a 30-minute lunch, however with the expectation that students transition straight from lunch to class. Please refer to the attached bell schedule.

2) Additional Instruction Day: We will be holding one make up day on April 29th. This date was originally designated as a staff work day and now will be repurposed for instructional time. Buses will run on a modified schedule and students will not attend any dual enrolled classes at Doherty, Mitchell, Coronado, or Palmer. PPCC off-campus classes and transportation from the RJWAC campus will not change. Please refer to the attached bell schedule.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 328-2020 or visit our website for schedules and information.

Yours in Partnership,
Sean Norman
Odyssey Early College and Career Options