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Dismissal Reminders

Second Semester Dismissal Reminders

Dismissal Information for Students in Grades 1st-5th 



Our number one priority is to ensure our students are safe. We want to respect and support the charm of our neighborhood school while ensuring all students are safe from traffic and congestion, as well as ensure each child is released to the appropriate adult. 

Transportation Change Notifications by 2:15

The best way to communicate a transportation change is to send a letter in with your child to give to their teacher. This will help alleviate afternoon announcements regarding transportation changes. If you are unable to do this, please report transportation changes to the office each day by 2:15 PM via phone call to our Main Office. We will try to accommodate families after this time, but the best way to ensure that your child is released correctly is to notify our team by 2:15 PM.

Dismissal Locations:  

     * All bus riders will be walked to the buses by a grade level teacher.

     * All car riders will be released out of the gym door by grade level. We strongly encourage families to wait in their cars, as it can create confusion when families wait by the door. 

     * Walkers will exit out of the following doors:

          - 1st: Weimer ( Room #12)

          - 2nd: Miller (Room #30) and Dragosh ( Room H1)

         - 3rd: Vose (Room #17)

         - 4th: Concepcion (Room #15)

         - 5th: Trujillo ( Room #21 )

     *Siblings who need to meet to walk together should meet at the basketball court

     * If you need to park to pick up your walker or to speak with a teacher, please park in the bottom parking lot. Students must have an adult with them to walk to this parking lot, as it creates an unsafe situation for students to move in front of the buses. 

Additional Information:

     * We have a crossing guard team located at Chelton and Pikes Peak. We strongly encourage all families to cross at this intersection. Please do not cross Chelton in any other location.