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Parent Connect Instructions

Parent Connect Instructions

Parent Connection is a web application that provides parents with direct access to student data via the internet. Parents may view school news, classroom news, demographics, and attendance and health records for their own students. Are you unable to access Parent Connect using a computer? Please read the instructions below and you should be able to connect. You will need a PIN and Password to access the system. 

To use Q Parent Connect:

Go to

At the bottom you will see an icon titled Q Connections, then click on the picture titled QParentConnection. You will be warned to turn off all pop-up blockers. Pop-up blockers interfere with Parent Connect working.

  • You will then be prompted to put in your PIN and Password.
  • Enter your assigned PIN and Password.
  • If indicated, select your student using the drop down arrow.
  • The main screen will be displayed.
  • Click the desired choice along the left side of the screen. Many screens have additional options available by clicking on the provided links. When you are finished, click the Sign Out button located at the top right corner of the screen.

Account Maintenance:

The account button at the top of the screen will link you to the account maintenance section. Here you can change your password and email address. The help menus provide the user with complete instructions if you have further questions. If you need assistance with this application, the help menus provide complete instructions, or you may contact Mrs. Grantz at 719-328-5924.