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It has definitely been a very different start to the school year than anyone could have imagined! Despite the challenges we faced this week, we also experienced engaged students, staff, and families as we started the 2020-2021 school year. Throughout this week, I was able to join some virtual classrooms and I saw firsthand how educators are building relationships with students, how students are excited to begin the new school year, and how the launch of a new way of learning is taking shape and will likely be with us in some capacity for the long run. I am thankful for the collaboration between our families, teachers, and other staff as we all work to do what is best for students.

I wanted to provide you with an update regarding our future plans for in-person learning.We continue to monitor the health data from the State and El Paso County. Thankfully, we are starting to see some favorable data that may help us as we continue to plan for students returning to the classroom. At this week's Board of Education meeting, I mentioned a possible staggered in-person start as early as September.

Tentatively starting in mid-September, and dependent on the health data holding positive trends, we would begin to bring back elementary students to schools in-person, five days per week. Middle school students would be brought back in-person also five days per week on the planned block schedule as stated in the Return to Learn plan, and high school students on the hybrid model (also stated in the Return to Learn plan). D11 would continue to offer an online, remote learning environment for the families who choose this option.

We will continue to monitor the circumstances and environmental safety levels for our students and staff. As we receive more information, we will be sure to inform you in a timely manner, including the plans for in-person learning schedules. It has always been the desire of the Board and the District to bring students back to in-person learning. Thank you for your continued dedication to your child’s wellbeing and your patience as we work to inspire every mind.

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