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Cellphone and Electronics Policy

Cellphone and Electronics Policy

Students are allowed to bring cell phones to school to be used for personal use outside of school hours. Students are asked to keep their phones in their back packs and not to bring them out. The school's concern is that personal cell phones could become lost or stolen or become a distraction in the classroom; the school will not be responsible if the cell phone becomes lost or stolenIf a student is using a cell phone inappropriately, the cell phone will be taken away and the parent will be called to come pick it up.

The school office will call parents to pick up students if they are hurt or sick; we ask that you call the school office if you need to pick up your student for an appointment so that instructional time is not interrupted.

Parents of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students: with PARCC testing we are asking that students do not bring their cell phones to school during the testing window. Cell phones are not allowed in the classroom during this time by staff or students. (Colorado Department of Education guideline). Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 

Electronic devices such as iPods, MP3 players and handheld games should not be brought to school. Teachers will take these items from students if they are using or playing with them during instructional time. Parents will be called to pick up the electronic device from the teacher or the front office. The school will not be responsible if an item becomes lost or stolen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Ernst at 719-328-7200.