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King is a Capturing Hearts' School

Capturing Kids’ Hearts:

As a staff we are dedicated to implementing the CKH program. The focus of this program is to ensure every student has a quality connection with a caring adult and that students develop the skills necessary for being a part of a successful team. Two strategies we utilize focus on the positive things happening around us. We teach students how to be intentional in recognizing the good things in their lives and sharing these good things with their classmates during “Good Things” each morning. This helps students recognize that they have things in common with others and it helps them focus on what good is happening around them. We also work on being intentional with affirming one another: the act of providing encouragement or support. We encourage our students to do this for one another, we model it as a staff and we are intentional in affirming classes for specific reasons. At King, we have an affirmation box in the office and we have our Facebook page open for comments. Feel free to affirm a student, class, or staff member you see doing something awesome. Thanks for your continued support of your student and King Elementary! We work together as a community to do what is best for our students!

Christopher Lehman - Prinicpal

King Elementary

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