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10th Grade PSAT Testing Information and Schedule - Click Here for Details and Links!!! (Pre-Administration Consent Form: Students in grades 10 and 11 will sign this form to provide consent to give personal information to qualify for scholarships and send score information to higher education institutions.  Please refer to pages three and four of the document to see the exact questions.)


Student Data Consent Form -

Email Address Email address is optional. If provided, it will be used to provide reminders about SAT test dates registration deadlines, test-preparation strategies, score availability, and added to a student’s (student guide for PSAT 10: This guide provides practice questions and test taking tips for the PSAT 10) (Colorado Department of Education (CDE) communication on the role of state assessments in student academic achievement)

The Role of State Assessments in

Likewise, districts cannot impose unreasonable burdens or requirements on a student to discourage the student from taking an assessment or to encourage the student’s parent to excuse his/her child from the assessment.


Mitchell High School Student Testing Schedule


Test: Grade Level



19 March 2019

SAT Pre-Registration: Grade 11

Grade 11 English classes meet in Rm. 12
*students may also come during CCRC to continue work if they do not finish during class


20 March 2019

PSAT SAT 10 Pre-Registration: Grade 10

Grade 10 English classes meet in Rm. 12



PSAT 8/9 Pre-Registration: Grade 9

Grade 9 English classes meet in Rm. 12


9 April 2019

SAT: Grade 11

7:40 - test

Afternoon - no students

Morning: regular schedule

Depart Mitchell at 12:00

10 April 2019

PSAT: Grade 9, 10

7:40 - test

Afternoon - no students

Morning: regular schedule

Depart Mitchell at 11:15

11 April 2018

Science CMAS:Grade 11

7:40 - test

11:00 - lunch

11:50 - period one begins (see below)

Morning: regular schedule

Pick up again four hours after regularly scheduled time to bring students to school for late start schedule

ONLY TESTED STUDENTS are permitted on campus during test sessions.


The cafeteria will provide breakfast for a longer period of time on each testing day.  On 9-10 April, a grab and go lunch will also be available for students.


Bell Schedule, 11 April 2019





Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Period 5


Period 6


Period 7