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Parking Lot Procedures

Freedom Elementary Parking Lot Procedures

Be a LIFESAVER--Drive Carefully

Traffic enters the main parking lot and either moves to the right for “Kiss and Go,” or turns left into the parking lot.

Kiss and Go:

● When entering the Kiss and Go lane, please make a single file line on the right. Move forward as far as possible to fill in all available space. Stop at the crosswalk. (Do not pull past the crosswalk to drop off your child. That area is for our daycare busses.)

● There should be no delay exiting the vehicle once the car comes to a stop. Our goal is to keep the Kiss and Go lane moving.

● While in the Kiss and Go lane, drivers must remain inthe car and students must enter or exit the vehicle at the curbside. There is to be NO parkingin the Kiss and Go lane. Once all students have exited the vehicle, the driver may merge into the thru lane and exit to the street.

● If a child needs assistance getting out of the vehicle, the driver must park in a marked stall and walk the child across the crosswalk to the drop-off area. Parking Lot:

● Students must be attended in the parking lot area.

● If you have parked in the parking lot, please accompany your student across the crosswalk. Note: As there is no supervision on the playground before and after school, students should not arrive before 7:45 a.m. Students must go home immediately after school for their own safety.