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We anticipate bringing high school students, grades 9-12, to return to school face-to-face, on a hybrid schedule with one day being an asynchronous remote learning day, starting September 29. Here are the dates high school students may return to in-person learning:

  • 9/28/20 (Monday): asynchronous learning for all students;
  • High schools will utilize a staggered start during the week of September 29th. This will ensure COVID safety practices and transitioning of students into the schedule. This will vary from school to school.

Mondays will be used for asynchronous learning for all students; Staff will have PLC time. Tuesdays-Fridays will be a hybrid learning schedule, with approximately half of the students in attendance each day, and the other half remote. Schools will communicate their specific schedules with families. Normal school day start and finish times will be implemented, with normal transportation and meal schedules.

Specific school schedules will be released by your student’s school prior to the start of in-person learning.

This will help create a safer environment by reducing student interactions, while maintaining a comprehensive and diverse course offering. Students will be divided into two groups: Group A and Group B. All school days, except Mondays, will be formal instruction days. On Mondays, half the day will consist of staff professional development, and half will be used for teachers to check in with students and offer additional support. During this time, teachers will contact students individually, provide virtual accessibility, and host small group meetings with students, among other things. These activities will be designed to meet the individual needs of our students in order to increase overall student achievement.

Under this model, each day will be a different set of four 90-minute periods. For example, day one consists of periods 1-4, and day two consists of periods 5-8. Teachers will be assigned a new 8th period block of students. This block of time will be flexible and can be used in the following ways: social emotional learning, ICAP, internships, study hall, advisory and intervention, or study skills. All students who remain on campus will be enrolled in an 8th Period Block.

School schedules may vary slightly from this example as needed for operational purposes.

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