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Welcome to the 2019/2020 school year!  As we look forward to this coming school year, we are asking you to update information for your returning students. Please go to to log in to your ParentConnection account. Things you can update:
•    phone numbers
•    email addresses
•    military status
•    health concerns
•    emergency contact information

If you do not know your ParentConnection PIN and password, click the “Need Your Login Information” link on the Parent Portal sign in page, enter your email address, and you will receive an email containing your PIN and password. Once logged in, click on the ***Fall Update*** link (top right) to review and update each section.  After you have completed the update process, you should receive a verification email for each student. If your school has a registration event, you can show them this email as proof you have updated your information, saving you the time of filling out paper update forms.

If you need assistance, there is a help video on the left side of the ParentConnection home page. If you need additional assistance, you may call the counseling office at 719-328-7006 between 8am and 3pm. 

Please remember that you can access this update on computers and tablets, but currently not on phones

If you are a NEW STUDENT, you will need to come to Sabin to register.  Our office is open from 8:15-4:00.

We are looking forward to a GREAT year!!