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Green / Gold Group Rosters and Schedule

Holmes Parents and Guardians, Students, and Staff

Our In-person Learning via Hybrid Schedule groups and schedule are now posted in student's Schoology Advisory class.

NOTE: If your student does not appear on the Green / Gold, in-person roster, our records show you requested Inspire Online (Full Remote) Learning.

Questions about the Green / Gold groups or the accuracy of records should be directed to your students' grade level counselor.

6th Grade, Sandi Watkins, 719-328-3807,

7th Grade, Tessa O'Brian, 719-328-3809,

8th Grade, Tara Falslev, 719-328-3808,

Please see the attached document for In-person Hybrid schedule details.

Thank you,

Tony Karr, Principal

Holmes Middle School Green Gold Hybrid Schedule