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Holmes Middle School - Return to Learn, All Set and Ready to Go!

Below is information about optional food services provided for all families, and some organizational reminders for the first day of school. 

D11 Food Service during Remote Learning:

Food & Nutrition Services will provide a Monday – Friday breakfast and lunch meal option, including drive-up, “Grab N Go”, for all students attending a D11 school. 

Cafeteria hot breakfast and hot lunch meals are available on Mondays, and “Grab N Go” service is available Monday through Friday. Grab N Go sack meals will include student favorites. Entrées will be sent cold for food safety; however, cooking instructions will be provided when appropriate. Breakfast sack meals for the next day may be picked up at the same time as lunch. Parents and Guardians are permitted to pick up meals for their students.

There are important regulations and procedures that must be followed to provide this service:

  • Breakfast is served from 7:45-8:30
  • Lunch is served during the scheduled grade level shifts
    • 6th Grade, 11:45-12:20
    • 7th Grade, 10:50-11:25
    • 8th Grade, 12:25-1:00
  • Meal service is for D11, K-12th grade students only
  • Enrollment verification is required to obtain a meal
  • Student meals may be picked up at one school location for families with students in multiple D11 schools
  • Meal price is based on student status of Free, Reduced, and Full Pay
  • Families should have money on student’s account via MySchoolBucks – 
  • No cash exchanged with Grab N Go service
  • Questions – call FNS Office at 520-2924

Final Preparation for the 1st Day:

Now that you have gone through our registration and distribution process, here are a three final reminders.

  • Ensure the student Chromebook is fully charged and connecting to your home WiFi before Monday morning
  • Prepare your student to wake-up early, get dressed, be ready for the day, and establishing habits associated with attending school
  • Complete the Parent and Guardian Boot Camp activities 

Thank you for your partnership!

Tony Karr, Principal