Homebound Instruction Program

  • Dear District 11 Parents and Guardians:

    The Homebound Instruction Program offers educational services for a student who is absent from school for an extended period of time due to a physical, mental, or emotional concern.  These absences total more than ten (10) consecutive school days and are verified by a licensed medical professional.  Homebound instruction is not intended to replace the student’s normal curriculum or school placement.  Homebound Instruction is provided through online coursework and supplemental tutoring where appropriate.

    In accordance with Colorado Springs Board of Education Policy IHBF and IHBF-R:

    • A student on Homebound Instruction will only be provided his/her core classes during enrollment
    • Elective classes are not supported while a student is enrolled in Homebound Instruction
    • Students who can attend school part-time do not qualify for Homebound Instruction

    Steps for Completing the Homebound Instruction Application Process:

    1. Parents/guardians, contact your school of attendance to obtain a Homebound Instruction Application Packet. 
    2. Complete the top half of page one of the application packet.  Please print legibly and make sure you sign in the space provided.  Also, please include a contact name from your school for verification.
    3. Deliver the application packet to your licensed medical professional.  Your child’s physician MUST fill out the remaining portions of the application packet.  Please note that ONLY physicians or psychiatrists licensed in the State of Colorado are able to sign homebound applications.
    4. Signature is valid – District 11 does not accept signatures from physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, midwives, or psychologists.The physician MUST list a return-to-school date, even if that date is estimated.
    5. Have completed forms sent to the Office of Student Support and Engagement via email, fax, or standard mail.

    Applications will not be processed if incomplete.

    Additional Considerations:

    • A new application must be submitted for each semester that the student will need to be out of school, even if the doctor has indicated his/her approval for the entire school year.
    • If the physician later determines that your child can return to school sooner than originally indicated OR that the child needs an extension of time out of school, the physician must fax a note to the Office of Student Support and Engagement indicating the updated determination for the child, the new return-to-school date, and his/her signature.  The note can be faxed to 719-520-2308, attention to the Office of Student Support and Engagement. 
    • Tutoring is not scheduled in the student’s home unless medically necessary.  In the case a tutor is sent into the home, an adult must be in the home whenever homebound tutoring sessions are scheduled.  If that is not possible, then the tutoring will need to be scheduled at a library or possibly at the nearest District 11 school building. 
    • If you have questions about the application, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Support and Engagement at 719-520-2998, Monday through Friday, 8:00-5:00. 
    • The Office of Student Support and Engagement looks forward to working with you and your student throughout this process.