• Personal Project: The Written Report

    Draft due to Supervisor February 9, 2023 

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    You have completed the Personal Project and now it is time to report on what you accomplished! The Personal Project was just the first step in the entire process. The written report is the next step – and is a way to explain your project to someone who has not seen the entire process from start to finish.  The Report is really an opportunity to reflect on the successes (and challenges) you faced in your journey. It is a required element of the Personal Project and will be the only aspect that is scored. If you attempted a Personal Project but were unable to complete the Project, you may still complete the Written Report. If you did NOT attempt a Personal Project, then the Written Report is not permitted.  Please follow all the requirements listed in this guide – and become familiar with the scoring of each section. There are only three (3) sections of the report, PLUS a separate bibliography that is to be turned in. 

    Please use The Written Report - additional guidance for help in preparing the report. Look at the check-boxes to see how many you are able to address. 

    1. To ensure that the written part of the report is clearly legible, each page must have a minimum:
    • 11-point font size
    • 1-inch margins
    1. Visual aids may be used to support reports. However, evidence and examples presented in the visual aids should be submitted as documents/pictures. Evidence presented in images must be clearly visible at the size submitted.
    2. (The maximum number of pages is 15 pages – the minimum number of pages is 4-5 pages.
    3. The bibliography is uploaded separately and is not included in the page limit.
    4. Please do not include a title page; if included, it will count towards the page limit.

    Final due in Social Studies class February 21-24, 2023  - both paper copy and upload

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