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    5th Grade! We're sad to see you go but we are SO EXCITED to see what's next on your journey! Below are a few things to help your transition into 6th grade. Be sure to reach out to your teachers and counselors if you have any questions. 

    Lockers are a new challenge in middle school. Here is a "How to Open My Locker" handout and a helpful YouTube video: 

    Click here for the "How to Open My Locker" handout

    Click here to see it on YouTube

    It's pretty normal to be a little nervous about going into 6th grade. Your teachers and counselors put together a "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) to help get some of your questions answered. It answers basic questions about lunch, schedules, and after school activities.Here's what your counselors at North had to say about your questions! 

    Click here for the FAQ sheet

    Because you can't introduce yourself in person, we put together a "Student Questionnaire" for students to fill out. This is just a fun way to let the North Middle School 6th grade team get to know you a little bit before they see you in the halls! Your teachers have this on Schoology, but just in case, it's here too. Print it out, fill it out, and send a picture to 719.283.1734 (Ms. Caitlin)

    Click here for the "Student Questionnaire"