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    Assignments will be on Khan Academy, questions and important information will be posted on Teams

    Access Teams Through Microsoft 365 clicking here



    All assignments and activities for my classes will be posted on Microsoft Teams, which students can access from Russell's website or the D11 website. The username is the student's D11 email address and the password is the network password. Please check the posts for updates and send me messages via Teams, Remind, or email if you have any questions. *The document attached below has directions for signing up for Khan Academy, so students can access tutorial videos and practice. ** The links below will provide students with online skills practice: Khan Academy teaches math topics and xtramath provides facts practice (please email me at tina.gray@d11.org for the class code if you would like to sign up)



    8th Grade Math E-Learning Info




    Go to my teams page

    Access Teams Through Microsoft 365 clicking here


    All assignments for my class will be posted on Google Classroom. Students have used this platform throughout the year and should know how to login using their school email (firstname.lastname@d11.org) and school password. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. My email is (holly.martin@d11.org)



    Social Studies:


    8th Grade Parents/Guardians, As we embark together on the journey of distance learning, I wanted to provide as much information as possible in regards to the 8th Grade U.S. History class. I will create assignments in Microsoft Office Teams for each class weekly. To log in to MS Teams, students should use the link on the school district website or the school website for Office 365. All assignments utilize Microsoft Word online. All work completed by students will be displayed on the provided assignments. Some graphic organizers do not open well in Microsoft Word online. If the assignment does not open correctly in Word online, open the document using the Microsoft Word App, complete the assignment, and then attach the completed work to the assignment. There is no need to email assignments. Students should click the "Turn in" button once an assignment is completed. Microsoft Teams, Word, and all other Office 365 products can be downloaded as apps on phones or devices. For those who want to discover United States History in more depth, students have access to the Discovery Education Tech Book. As with Office 365, students must use the link on the school district website or school website. The log in for both Office 365 and Discovery Education is: Username: Long email (example: Richard.Ratliff@d11.org) Password: network password. Students may ask questions on Microsoft Teams. This is new for everyone and there will be issues that arise. We will work diligently to overcome obstacles as they come up. Use the link to my website as another method to access materials for assignments. Any Word document can be attached to the assignments in Teams even if it was downloaded from my website. I will be communicating updates on virtual classes and times for those classes by email. If you did not receive an email from me on March 15th, please check the information that is on your district 11 account.

    Thank you for your support. Rich Ratliff 8th Grade Social Studies Russell Middle School



    Hello Russell families! I greatly appreciate your help and understanding as we begin to utilize this new format. The general format will be as follows…

    • We will operate on a week-to-week basis, so all work for the week will become available for the students on each TEAMS page on Tuesday mornings at 9am. That work will have a due date of the following Monday night at 11:59pm if they want feedback. If they don’t complete the work, that is fine. I just can’t provide them any feedback.

    • The students will have a choice each week on what to complete…

       o First choice - complete the assigned readings and the graphic organizers (3 per week, very short and easy to complete as they read). For this week (3/31-4/3), the readings are Life in the West.

       o Second choice - complete the larger assignment designed to be more engaging and challenging (1 per week). For this week (3/31-4/3), the activity is the Charles M. Russell Paintings Activity.

    • Each student will have three options to complete either of the previously mentioned choices. Those are described below. For my class, each student has a few options to stay engaged with class each week. My hope is that this provides students with access to not only what is needed for high school, but also engaging activities for their minds during this difficult time. These options are described below, but please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Email is the best route (brian.leatham@d11.org), you can contact me via email/phone/TEAMS during office hours (Tues/Thurs 1:00-2:00pm, Wed/Fri 9:00-10:00am), or you can leave me a voicemail (719-328-4592).

    1. OPTION 1, (Highly recommended) TEAMS PAGE – Your student can complete the assignments assigned on our Teams page for their specific class. We have used this format in class already, so students should easily be able to log-in and access all materials very easily using a device with internet access. Students can go to the district 11 homepage to log into Office 365. Their username is firstname.lastname@d11.org and their password is their assigned network password (which they should know). Please let me know if they have issues logging-in. This requires no printing and all worked can be completed and turned in electronically.

    2. Option 2, TEACHER WEBSITE – The exact same assignments that are on the Teams page can be found on my individual teacher website, which is listed below in my signature. Using this option, you could…download the assignments, complete them on your computer, and email them back to me…download the assignments and print them, complete the work on the documents, and scan/email them back to me or take a picture with a phone and email them back to me…view the assignments online and simply complete the work on a separate sheet of paper and them scan/email it back to me or take a picture with your phone.

    3. Option 3, D11 DISTANCE LEARNING – If you do not have a device with internet access, then we are working on identifying those students to provide them with materials. Basically, we hope to mail a packet of work that will give each student a choice on activities they would be able to complete without a device and/or internet access. All of these above options are acceptable ways to stay engaged and cover what we would have done in class during the 4th quarter of my 8th grade American Studies classes.

    All of this is subject to change, and I will plan on updating each week. Again, thanks for your help and understanding. Please reach out with any questions. Stay safe and healthy! Best, Brian Leatham 8th grade Social Studies Russell Middle School brian.leatham@d11.org (719) 328-4592