Springs Community Night School

Dedicated To Excellence

  • RJWAC Entrance
    Springs Community Night School Hours:
    M-Th  12:00 pm - 9:50 pm

    8:00 am - 3:30 pm
    on days when class is not in session.

  • Real Life Learning for Real Life Success

    An innovative educational program for students 17-21 years of age
    wanting to earn their High School diploma in the afternoon and evening hours.

    Springs Community Night School offers a safe, rigorous academic environment that empowers students to be productive, successful, lifelong learners through positive partnerships.
  • Program Highlights
    • Go to class ONLY FOUR AFTERNOON/EVENINGS a week, Monday-Thursday.
    • Traditional classroom and online classes available.
    • Low student to teacher ratios.
    • Afternoon and Evening hours: 1:30-9:48pm.
    • Credit earning potential of 12 to 18 credits per year (minimum for full-time students).
    • Credit recovery option for students wanting to continue enrollment at a traditional high school during the day.
    We Believe
    • All students will experience academic success at SCNS.
    • All students need an opportunity to learn in an encouraging environment that fosters engagement and growth.
    • The power of collaboration between school, staff, home, community and the students will achieve our program mission.
    • In holding all students responsible for their individual success.
    • In the worth of each student, and that every student deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
    • In students performing at academic levels which meet or exceed state proficiency standards.
    • In providing a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for life choices they make.

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