• Taking a product from an idea to putting it in the hands of the consumer is a complex process. Marketing education teaches students how to maneuver through this complexity by learning how to create a product, develop pricing strategies, logistically placing the product, and promoting the product. Doherty High School Marketing, Advertising, and Sales students develop knowledge and skills in advertising, sales presentations, media strategies, logistics, invention, entrepreneurship, strategic thinking, and management.  As both college and career ready individuals, Doherty marketing education students develop strong communication skills, dedication, diligence and a strong work ethic.  Students who explore marketing education courses have the ability to lead, collaborate and innovate in areas of product concept design, small business management, business law & ethics, sports and entertainment marketing, food service management, automotive marketing, hotel and lodging marketing, tourism, special event planning, buying and merchandising, fashion marketing, communication, leadership, and economic principals impacting a local, national and international economy. Students will have the opportunities to obtain these skills in courses such as: Business and Marketing Essentials (BME), Marketing and Advertising, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.  In addition to receiving high school credits, students are eligible for articulation and concurrent enrollment credits through Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC). Business and marketing credits earned through PPCC can be applied to a certificate or corresponding degree at PPCC.

    Marketing Quote Business and Marketing Essentials students will be exposed to the dynamic processes and activities involved in Business and Marketing. Students learn meaningful real-world content applicable to all aspects of business administration.  Students acquire a deep understanding of topics related to economics, finance, accounting, marketing, management, human relations, ethics, communication, leadership, career management, customer relations and digital citizenship, through a macro lens. K.O. a 2015 graduate remarks, “As a whole Doherty Marketing, and my DECA participation, improved my social skills, confidence, leadership, and ability to communicate with a diverse group of people, both nationally and internationally.”

    Marketing and Advertising encompasses creating a product and successfully placing it in the hands of the end user. Strategic thinking, market analysis, demographic research, distribution strategies, channel management, and sales all go into the development of a complete marketing strategy. Marketing provides the opportunity for creative thinking, many times in very unconventional ways. N.P., a 2014 graduate, relates the following story.Service Project Quote “One of my favorite projects in Marketing was our community service project. My class was the one to start Miracle Meters, which can be found throughout the city and gives back to the homeless community of Colorado Springs. This project not only benefitted the community, but our class had to implement a business plan and actually sell the meters to businesses so we were able to have them throughout Colorado Springs. With this project we had to overcome obstacles, but we also found it to be very rewarding.”

     Students in Entrepreneurship focus on recognizing and managing business opportunity, including a school-based business.  All students benefit from developing an appreciation and understanding for the practical application for all of the business functions including marketing, finance, accounting, management, economic environments, and digital citizenship.

    As well as being exposed to these highly demanding and competitive fields in the classroom, students have co-curricular opportunities to apply their newly obtained skills. Students involved in these programs have an opportunity to participate in the nationally recognized Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO), DECA, a robust organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.  Research has shown that student participation in CTSO programs, and DECA specifically, increase student learning, graduation rates, and self-esteem (Aragon, Alfeld, & Hansen, 2013, Kosloski & Ritz, 2014).

    S.M., a 2015 graduate, encapsulates the power of the entire marketing program at Doherty. “I never would have discovered the path I should take with my life if it weren’t for
    Doherty’s marketing program and the faculty that helped shaped my life’s vision. I am now attending the University Of Colorado Leeds School Of Business, majoring in Marketing and Media Design. Doherty marketing isn’t just about giving student’s business style experience but helps shape students into the future business leaders for our generation.”


    Aragon, S., Alfeld, C., & Hansen, D. (2013). Benefits of career and technical student organizations' on female and racial minority students' psychosocial and achievement outcomes. Career and Technical Education Research, 38(2), 105-124. doi:10.5328/cter38.2.105

    Kosloski, M., & Ritz, J. (2014). DECA membership and its effect on grade point average as an indicator of academic success. Career and Technical Education Research, 39(2), 151-169. doi:10.5328/cter39.2.151


  • Charmyn Neumeyer
    Ms. Charmyn Neumeyer
    Business Education, Department Chair

    Mrs. Neumeyer joined the DHS staff in 2001. She has taught at the college level for 12 years and K-12 for 25. She has 30 years of experience in the agriculture and small business side of business, finances, and leadership. Mrs. Neumeyer and her family are also small business owner/operators.  In her time at DHS Mrs. Neumeyer has taught Computer Science, Business & Marketing, Accounting, Computer Applications for Business, Social Impact in Business and Language Arts. Mrs. Neumeyer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics and a Master of Arts in Career and Technology Education.   

    Bruce Cole
    Mr. Bruce Cole


    Mr. Cole  joined the  DHS staff in 2013.  He taught at the college level for 5 years and K-12 for 15.  He has 26 years experience in Management of for profit and non profit organizations.  He is also a successful entrepreneur.  Mr. Cole holds a BS in Business Administration/Finance, MA in Education Administration, MS in Organizational development, and an Ed.S. in Curriculum and Teaching. He is CTE credentialed in Business/Marketing. Mr. Cole is also the Co-Advisor for DECA.  

    Andrew Schafer
    Mr. Andrew Schafer


    Mr. Schafer has been teaching for 28 years. Most of which has been teaching some kind of Technology course. Since being in D11 the past 9 years, he has taught Computer Applications, Game Programming, Computer Science and Intro to Programming/Computer Science. He has his Bachelor of Science Degree from Valley City State University in Business Education and Physical Education and a Master of Education in Educational Administration from North Dakota State University.  


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