Welcome to D11 Social Studies

  • District #11 Social Studies – Building engaged and literate citizens informed through questioning the past and present.


    District 11 Social Studies develops engaged and literate citizens who are informed and challenged by questioning the past and present.  District 11’s social studies instruction fosters rigorous literacy in civics, geography, history, and economics for all students as they understand their unique role as engaged citizens who intentionally shape the future through the following: 

    • Acquire comprehension and appreciation of American traditions based on knowledge of history and the American constitutional system of government
    • Develop rigorous critical thinking skills which empower them to be life-long learners and to examine and evaluate current issues
    • Acquire basic literacy in civics, geography, history, and economics
    • Understand world history as the context for United States history
    • Participate in activities that enhance the common good.

    In order to assist students in reaching this mission, District #11 is committed to:

    • Embracing the idea that all students can demonstrate rigorous learning
    • Balancing content knowledge with 21st century skills
    • Differentiating instruction for all learners
    • Analyzing primary and secondary sources
    • Identifying cause and effect relationships between current events and the past
    • Encouraging students to create original scholarship
    • Providing contemporary curriculum accessed through various media for all classrooms
    • Including all social studies content based on the Colorado Academic Standards
    • Connecting curriculum, effective instruction and assessment through formative feedback and summative assessments.



Social Studies Facilitator