• D11 Changes to the Return to Learn Plans - August 5, 2020

    Dear D11 Families and Staff,

    After an in-depth discussion with the Board of Education tonight, it has been determined that D11 will be starting the school year on Aug. 24 with a hybrid model, targeting students with the greatest academic need for levels of in-school support. The remainder of our students will be engaged in our remote learning platform, Inspire Online. By default, all students will be automatically enrolled in the Inspire Online program for the first quarter.

    We will continue this schedule through the first quarter of the academic school year, ending October 15 for students, at which time we will review current health data and district readiness to invite all of our students back in person for the second quarter. Those who choose to remain in the Inspire Online option for second quarter will continue to receive online instruction. If you’ve already enrolled your child in the Inspire Online program and anticipate wanting to remain online for the semester, no other action is needed.

    This decision was very challenging to make. We are fully aware that making the decision to open in a more remote fashion and/or returning at full capacity impacts our community either way, but in an effort to ensure the greatest safety for our students and staff, we felt the targeted hybrid approach was most appropriate.

    Understandably, we have student populations who will still need in-person services and supports that are not feasible to accomplish in an all remote learning environment, specifically students receiving special education support, English Language Learners, TITLE/Read Act supported students, and preschool students (who, under current guidance, are classified as essential childcare). Additionally, there may be other programmatic needs requiring school access, such as AP, IB, and CTE courses that will require laboratory time as part of programmatic requirements. These areas are where some hybrid options will be built into schedules at the individual school level.

    We will share more details with our community soon about how our hybrid/remote learning model will work. We strongly believe in-person learning has significant benefits for students, not only academically, but also for social-emotional development and overall health and well-being. The desire of the District’s Board of Education and leadership teams is to return to in-person learning as much as is safely possible and as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate the start to an unprecedented school year.





  • You may now enroll your child in the Inspire Online program for the 2020-2021 school year through the Q Parent Connection portal using the following instructions:

    Current District 11 students may enroll in the Inspire Online program through the parent portal at: https://d11connect.d11.org/parentportal or the Q Parent Connection app on iPhone or Android.

    • If you don’t know your login information, click the link on the Parent Portal home page.
    • Once you are logged in, click the Information Update link.
    • For each student you want to enroll in the online program, click the “Edit” button, then on the Demographics page, click the Online Learning Option checkbox.
    • Once you submit, your school will be notified of your intent to participate in Inspire online.

    Students new to District 11 that would like to enroll in the Inspire Online Program should visit the Enrollment page at https://www.d11.org/Enrollment.

    Students new to District 11 that would like to enroll in the Inspire Online Program should visit the Enrollment page at https://www.d11.org/Enrollment.