• Breakfast

    District 11 K-5
    (Not Breakfast After The Bell or Grab N Go)

    Keller, King, Penrose, Rudy, Stratton, Taylor

    March 2020 

    Globe K-6
    March 2020      

    CILA-CS K-7
    March 2020

    Colorado Military Academy (CMA) K-9
    March 2020

    Elementary Breakfast w/Grab N Go

    Audubon, Madison, McAuliffe
    March 2020      

    Elementary School Breakfast After The Bell

    Adams, Bristol, Carver, Columbia,
    Fremont, Grant, Henry,
    Jackson, Midland,
    Queen Palmer, Rogers,
    West ES, Wilson

    English         March 2020

    Spanish        March 2020

    English  March 2020

    Spanish March 2020

    Middle School Breakfast After The Bell

    Galileo, Swigert, Mann, North, West
    March 2020

    High School Breakfast After The Bell

    March 2020        


    District 11 Middle School Regular Breakfast

    Holmes, Jenkins, Russell, Sabin
    March 2020      

    District 11 High School Regular Breakfast

    Coronado, Doherty, Palmer, RJWAC
    March 2020

    Charter Specialty Breakfast
    Colorado Early Colleges
    March 2020

    Eastlake High School Breakfast

    March 2020


  • Lunch

    District 11 K-5
    English                 March 2020    
    Spanish                March 2020


    District 11 K-5 Sunbutter Menu (No Peanut Butter Served)

    Audubon, Bristol, Chipeta, Grant, Howbert,

    Jackson, King, McAuliffe, Midland, Monroe,

    Penrose, Scott, Steele, Taylor, Trailblazer

    March 2020    

    AcademyACL K-8
    March 2020      

    Colorado Military Academy (CMA)
    K-5               March 2020     

    6-9               March 2020

    Colorado Springs Charter Academy
    K-5               March 2020            
    6-8               March 2020

    Globe K-6
    March 2020  

    CILA-CS K-7
    March 2020

    James Irwin CA K-5
    March 2020

    Roosevelt K-5
    English    March 2020   

    Spanish   March 2020       

    Thomas MacLaren 

    K-5            March 2020

    6-12          March 2020       

    District 11 Middle Schools

    Galileo, Holmes, Swigert, Jenkins,
    Mann, North, Russell, Sabin, West MS

    March 2020   

    District 11 High Schools

    Coronado, Doherty, Mitchell, Palmer, RJWAC

    March 2020

    Charter Specialty


    The Vanguard School    4-12   

    March 2020         

    Colorado Early Colleges

    March 2020   


    March 2020                        

    Colorado Springs Christian Schools

    K-5              March 2020                        

    6-12            March 2020


    Eastlake High School

    March 2020  


After School Supper Programs

  • Adams Supper        

    Swigert Supper      

    RJWAC Supper



  • Summer Food Service Program

    Click Here for menus during the summer months

    A la Carte Beverages and Snacks

    Click Here for the CSSD11 A-la-Carte Foods Standards Letter to Parents

    How are District 11 Menus Developed?

    Click Here for a description of "how" school menus are developed in District 11

    Summer Food Service Menu's


  • Snow Day Impact on Menus

    In the event school is closed due to weather, the menu scheduled for that day will be served when school is back in session for students. For example, if Monday has school closure and schools reopen Tuesday, Monday’s menu would be served. Because of our scratch cooking and distribution methods, Tuesday's menu would then be served Wednesday and Wednesday’s menu would be skipped all together. The published menu would resume on Thursday. 

    In the event of two or more consecutive snow days, the meal inventory at each kitchen may or may not be appropriate to serve, so a substitute menu may be served on the day school is back in session and the following day.  For example, if Monday and Tuesday have school closure, substitute menus would be served on Wednesday and Thursday.  The published menu would resume on Friday. 

    Our goal is to have menus posted here one week prior to the end of the month.

    Looking for one of our District 11 Food & Nutrition Services contract/partner site menus?  Please Click Here

    Dietary Disability

    If your student has a dietary disability, please download and complete the D11 Food Allergy Form at: https://www.d11.org/Page/2074
    Alternately, you may obtain a D11 Food Allergy Form from a Kitchen Manager. Completed forms must be returned to the Kitchen Manager in order to request substitution.

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.  To file a complaint, please go to https://www.d11.org/Page/5540 for more information.