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A Purple Star School designation lets military parents know, whether they are on active duty or in the National Guard and Reserves, that a school is dedicated to helping their child gain educational skills necessary to be college-workforce- and life-ready. It signals that a school also supports the social and emotional well-being of military kids adjusting to new schools and the absence of a parent during deployment

 The primary goal of these programs is to ensure that staff can help manage the academic requirements and planning challenges military-connected children face when they move between different schools. These schools also seek to accommodate students who may have missed out on the normal cycles of sports and club activities. Finally, these schools acknowledge that every military-connected child has left behind friends and support networks and may be dealing with a parent who is away from home on deployment.

A Purple Star School Program offers the School District the following benefits: 

• District 11 honors the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.
• Communities with Purple Star Schools can help retain bases and attract military families who bring economic benefits to local communities.
• Purple Star Schools foster diverse, inclusive and supportive school environments through their initiatives and training, which serve all students, regardless of military connections.