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Volunteer Registration


The Process to Register Volunteers:

D11 Engage utilizes a web-based system to register volunteers in District 11.  It is available to all schools.  Access to the administration of the D11Engage Volunteer system, formerly Volunteer Management System (VMS), is limited to individuals who have been trained and received a password.
Volunteers will need to:

  • complete the Online Volunteer Registration - Online registration Process is Expedited
  • Registration Form - this is the paper form, but will take longer to enter in system, must be printed, signed and taken to the school you will be volunteering at. The school Admin will need to verify your ID and then send paperwork to our Engage office. 

Secretaries and the F.I.T. Volunteer Coach (formerly Volunteer Coordinator) will need to:

  • review the form to assure it is complete, including the signature
  • verify date of birth and address by a Driver’s License, Military ID or Passport
  • initial the line adjacent to verified on the bottom of the form
  • enter the volunteer information into D11Engage module if there is someone who has been trained on the system at your school
  • send the original to Volunteer Services and keep a copy for the school

The Volunteer Registration Form has an added paragraph that requires the volunteer to read and sign confirming their agreement with the statements in the paragraph including the District’s option to do a random background check.  This has been added at the request of our insurance provider. 
The D11Engage system will allow schools to update and view their volunteer lists immediately.  Individual volunteer’s time contributions are tracked more efficiently in the system rather than by timesheets.  Volunteers may register either at the school or online from their home or on any computer with Internet access.  
Please contact D11 Engage if you have any questions at 520-2202.

Individuals who wish to become a District 11 Volunteer must complete the registration process.  


Complete Online Volunteer Registration Form and take to school or go to the District 11 school you are wanting to volunteer at and they can give you a registration form to fill out. 

Depending on the volunteer opportunity, a background check may be required prior to the individual beginning to volunteer.  Questions can be directed to Volunteer Services at 719-520-2202.

District 11 Volunteers can update their information or log hours by clicking on the VMS Kiosk.  Each District 11 school has a VMS Kiosk link on their website.  Volunteers need to use the kiosk link on the school website where they volunteer in order to have the hours logged for that school.