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Peachjar Digital Flyers

Electronic Flyer Approval and Distribution Process

District 11 is using an electronic form distribution program called Peachjar. These electronic flyers replace paper flyers distributed at school sites. Flyers from community organizations will be distributed through email and posted on school websites. This is part of our ongoing efforts to be more environmentally-friendly by reducing the amount of paper copies.

There is also a Peachjar link at the bottom of every D11 school website at Stay Connected.

Community Groups and Outside Organizations

Our district cooperates with approved community partners by posting eflyers online and distributing them electronically through our service provider, Peachjar. As part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly, embrace innovative technology, and maintain fiscal responsibility, we have transitioned from paper to electronic flyer delivery.

To request flyer approval, follow the steps below. Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to all parents and posted online. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed.

  • Visit
  • Click SIGN UP
  • Select the "Program Provider" account type.
  • Upload your flyer for approval.

Your flyer will be automatically submitted to the district office. District staff will review the material and approve or deny based on the standards below. Peachjar charges a fee for this service that is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school.  

NOTE:  If you are a parent group at one of our D11 schools, these instructions do not apply.  

Paper Copies

Outside organization will be able to make available a small stack of paper flyers, but they will need to first have it uploaded and approved with Peachjar before doing so. Once the flyer is uploaded to Peachjar and it appears on school websites this will act as approval.  The organization can then give the flyers to the school office, where they will be made available at or near the front counter.  No paper copies will be given to teachers or staff to distribute to students for taking home.

Peachjar Flyer Approval Guidelines

Colorado Springs School District 11 engages with community businesses, organizations and groups who provide activities of an educational/enrichment nature for students and staff by allowing them to distribute materials electronically. 

Guidelines for Approval

  • Activities and programs should support the educational mission of CSSD11 and promote an educational experience for students or parents, a healthy use of leisure time, and/or a special enrichment activity.
  • Opportunities should be offered by businesses, organizations, and groups located in the State of Colorado, preferably within a 25-mile radius of Colorado Springs.
  • Information targeted to staff announcing job related activities, instructional opportunities related to CSSD11 curriculum and employee discounts.
  • As a courtesy to our community and to provide access to all of our students and parents, we request that flyers be submitted in both English and Spanish.
  • All flyers to be distributed should bear the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity.


  • Programs and activities operated by out of state organizations offering only remote options for participants.
  • Materials for projects, activities, programs or services that will publicize or promote a particular political party, political organization or political viewpoint.
  • Exclusion of all materials for projects, activities, programs or services in any adult-related categories, such as adult-oriented stores, boutiques, clubs, medication, entertainment and/or websites.
  • Materials that discriminate against, attack or denigrate any group because of gender, race, age, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability or other unlawful consideration.
  • Exclusion of all alcohol brands and substances (i.e. recreational/medical marijuana distributors).
  • Exclusion of all advertisers/sponsors on gaming-related websites (non-casino); including specials at lodging destinations.
  • Products that promote performance enhancement supplements and all energy drinks.




Director of D11 Engage
Jessica Wise
Phone: 719-520-2203


Peachjar will automatically add the following disclaimer in English and Spanish:
"Colorado Springs School District 11 neither endorses nor represents, in any way, the products and/or services provided."
Outside organizations will need to accept this disclaimer upon requesting approval from Peachjar.