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D11 Engagement

Partner shaking hands
Media Production Camera in school gym

Where Communities and Classrooms Meet

A good story is unforgettable. In today's digitally distracted world, it's easy to forget statistics, facts, a face, a name, but a story will likely stick with you. In Colorado Springs School District 11, there are thousands of stories to be told. Our goal is to share these impactful stories, while enhancing both internal and external engagement throughout D11. 

Our Services:

  • Provides information to the media, staff and community through a wide-range of methods including social media, the District website and live district stream at 
  • Publicizes, recognizes, and rewards employee and student contributions toward increasing achievement (Teacher of the Week, ESP of the Week, Crystal Apple & Diamond Award)
  • Engage the community as partners, guest speakers, classroom volunteers, tutors/mentors, volunteer leaders and family involvement.
  • Enable members of the community to become engaged in D11 schools as safe, qualified resources for student enrichment and staff support.
  • Helps plan and facilitate District activities and events
  • Crisis communications: school and district support, media relations, and communication coordination with external agencies
  • Community Engagement through Social media
  • District branding & marketing