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"Best teaching day of my career.  My coach helped me so much"

" Valuable perspective from the coach."

"You are doing more than identifying an idea.  You show me how to fix a problem by showing me how to implement the idea."

"I have so much appreciated my coach's support and this program and great to have a third party advocate concerned for my welfare and efforts here."

"TCT has been excellent in their support to help me reach my goals.  I am looking forward to using the TCT team next year to help me "tighten up" classroom management and begin to incorporate differentiated instruction."



"I wish more educators could be engaged in this effective kind of reflection about teaching." 

"On the job training at its best!" 

"This is the most exciting program I've been able to work with.  The best ever in all my years of being a principal." 

"The ties to the National Board Certification processes are a plus." 

"Outstanding resource for principals and teachers alike.  Great ideas/strategies. More, More, More!"