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Teachers Coaching Teachers


Teachers Coaching Teachers (TCT) is a unique coaching program for general education teachers and special services providers (SSPs) at all levels of experience and expertise. This program allows you to access a trained and experienced instructional coach who will work side by side with you to achieve your professional goals.  This coaching is an asset model; individualized, confidential, collaborative, non-evaluative, and non-judgmental.  


Vision:  The Teachers Coaching Teachers program empowers educators to increase instructional effectiveness to positively impact the whole child.

Mission:  The Teachers Coaching Teachers program provides personalized, confidential, non-evaluative instructional coaching for educators who seek to improve their teaching practice. 

Alignment with the Colorado Springs School District 11 Strategic Plan Core Values

Teachers Coaching Teachers Believes and Practices:

  • In the inherent worth of every teacher and student, the power of equitable practice, and supporting teachers to unleash their potential
  • Diversity enriches and strengthens teachers, students, and their environments
  • Healthy and supportive coaching relationships enhance life
  • Continuous learning and innovation are necessary for teacher and student growth
  • Integrity and building trust are fundamental to the coaching relationship 

For More Information Contact:  520-2561