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Licensing Credentials Transcripts

  • The Licensing and Credentials attachment summarizes the CDE website information into a small packet for reference.

  • The link below to the CDE website addresses information on the various CDE licenses and authorization types with a high-level summary of the requirements for each.

  • The Credits and Salary Advancement Criteria attachment details the ways in which certified staff can earn D11 Increment Credit towards salary advancement. University and college credit may also be applied towards salary reclassification.

  • Attachment GBDA-R-2 provides a copy of the D11 Regulation referencing the Certified Staff Continuing Education document. The Regulation identifies the different opportunities certified staff can pursue to earn and purchase increment credit for salary reclassification after the successful completion of professional learning courses.

    • Sixteen (16) semester hours are required for salary reclassification. One increment credit is equivalent to 15 clock hours of professional learning. A certified staff member invests 240 hours in professional learning before pursuing salary reclassification.

  • Educational Professionals License Renewal Requirements attachment is a chart outlining what professional development is required of which educators, by when, and who is responsible for meeting these educator professional development requirements.


Former D11 Employees in need of a transcript, please contact:

Hillary Charles


*Please include dates of employment, spelling of entire name, and a current email address.