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Life Insurance & DIsability


Basic Life Insurance (Mandatory- 100% Employer Paid) 

All benefit eligible employees are automatically enrolled on the first of the month following the date of hire. You will be required to complete a form to designate your beneficiaries. If you would like to change your beneficiary, please click on the "Basic Life Insurance Enrollment and Beneficiary Change Form" to the right and submit it to the Employee Benefits office-

Benefit Amount:  You are covered for 2x annual salary or minimum of $50,000

Cost:  This coverage is paid 100% by School District 11.

Basic Dependent Life Insurance (Optional)

This coverage can only be obtained during your initial enrollment period.

Benefit Amount:  Your spouse can be covered for $5,000 and eligible dependent children are covered for $2,000 each.

Cost: is $0.95 per family unit (not per dependent)

Voluntary Life Insurance (Optional)

In addition to the coverage paid for by School District 11, you may also elect additional life insurance for yourself, spouse and eligible dependents. Premiums are based on age and amount of coverage.  You can elect additional coverage for your spouse or children, but this requires enrollment of the employee as well.

Voluntary Short-Term Disability (Optional) 

Available to benefit eligible employees at 100% of the cost based on age, income, and choice of benefit level. This would be a great benefit for those who do not have an abundance of sick leave and anticipate needing some additional income due to an illness, surgery or even maternity.

Elimination Period: The latter of 15 days or until all employee paid leave is exhausted. 

Benefit Duration: Up to 11 weeks (6-8 weeks for maternity leave)

Benefit Amount:  60% of salary up to $1,500 per week in increments of $50.  You choose your benefit amount based on your income needs.  

Short-Term Disability insurance is calculated based on salary and does not automatically update when an employee receives a monetary promotion. Employees can increase the amount of their elected payout of Short-Term Disability during Open Enrollment, which runs the last week of April/first week of May each year.                                                                     

Voluntary Long Term Disability (Optional)
Available to benefit eligible employees at 100% of the cost based on income.

Elimination Period: The latter of 90 days or until all employee paid leave is exhausted.

Benefit Duration: For the duration of disability or to age 65.  If you are over 65, then for 12 months.  Refer to the Disability Plan Document to the right for more detailed information.

Benefit Amount: 60% of your Total Monthly Earnings, not to exceed the Maximum Monthly Benefit of $5,000. 

A small premium of 0.175 per $100 annual salary divided by 12, will be taken each month for the coverage.

EXAMPLE:  Annual Salary =  $25,000/12 = 2083.33/100

                   Per hundred   =  $20.83 x .175

                   Per month       =  $  3.66

How do I file a disability claim?  

Please contact Andrea Palos, Employee Benefits Manager at 719-520-2241 or