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Welcome to Employee Benefits!

We are dedicated to serving you by providing value-based Employee Benefits.  Our comprehensive benefits package includes, Kaiser Permanente medical coverage (including one medical, formerly PeakMed, $0 copay direct primary care clinics), Delta Dental and EyeMed vision insurance as well as Sun Life basic life insurance, supplemental life, short term disability and long term disability.  

The renewal of our plan year will begin on July 1, 2024. If you are newly enrolled in Medical, Dental or Vision insurances, you should receive your cards in the mail prior to July 1st. If you are continuing benefits, you will not receive a new card and you can use the initial card you were sent at sign-up. If you need a new card, please log into the vendor's customer websites to order a new card.

Meet Your Benefits Team!  

Andrea Palos                             
Employee Benefits & Wellness Manager

  • Oversees employee benefit plans
  • Manages the employee wellness program
  • Administers benefit policy and procedures
  • Chairs the Benefits Insurance Committee

Ang Kammerer
Employee Benefits Specialist

  • Oversees employee benefit operations
  • Serves as specialist for benefit related inquiries
  • Manages the PeopleSoft Benefits Administration program
  • Determines eligibility

Mackenzie Minazumi

Employee Benefits Administrative Assistant 

  • Supports employee benefits
  • Serves as backup to the employee benefits specialist
  • Addresses customer concerns

Employee Benefits
Phone: (719) 520-2178
Fax:  (719) 520-2383

Need to find a provider?  Visit for a list of practices and physicians covered under our medical plan. Be sure to select "Kaiser Commercial" plan and "Affiliated" providers in your search for best results.