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Healthcare Reform

Health Care Reform was voted into law starting January 2010.  Many of the reform mandates took place in 2010 and others will be implemented in following years.  The question on everyone's mind is, 1) what comes next and 2) how does it affect me?  In an effort to wade through all of the parts of the HealthCare Reform, we have pulled together some of the current events that take place as soon as October 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014.  In the documents listed below, you will find some very important information with dates that may affect you.  You can visit the government web site at  and review additional information.

The Affordable Care Act is now law, and many of its important benefits are already in effect.

  •       Extending Dependents eligible for enrollment until age 26
  •       No pre-existing condition limitations
  •       FSA contribution cap of $2500 on medical
  •       Form W-2 reporting for health coverage
  •       Coverage for additional women's preventive care
  •       No waiting period over 90 days
  •       Uniform Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  •       Medicare payroll tax

2021 TAX FORM 1095-C

As event dates approach, we will keep our participants informed as early as possible.  

As required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all benefit eligible D11 employees will receive the 1095-C tax form that you will need to file your individual tax return for 2021. Even if you did not elect to have the District insurance, you will receive form 1095-C, which you will need to file with your taxes.

What is the 1095-C and will I receive one?

Every January, employees receive IRS Form W-2 from their employers. Employees may also receive  the new IRS form 1095-C because of the Affordable Care Act.

Here’s what you need to know about the new forms:

IRS Form Who Will Be Sending The Form? Who Will Receive The Form? What To Do With The Form? If You Have Questions About The Form

Form 1095-C



Colorado Springs School District 11 Employee Benefits Department  

- All employees that were full-time in calendar year 2021 (enrolled or not) or an individual who was covered under Colorado Springs School District 11's self-insured medical plan.

- Only one Form 1095-C is provided for all the individuals listed on your policy. You may need to provide copies for your spouse or dependents if they file separate tax returns.

Give the form to your tax preparer, and keep it with your tax records.

The form provides:

- Information about the type of coverage offered to you in 2021 and its cost (lowest cost plan offered by your employer) to help you avoid IRS penalties ; and

- Information that helps the IRS determine the correct amount of federal subsidy, if any, applicable to coverage purchased from a marketplace.  

Contact the District 11 Benefits Office:

- If you believe that you should receive this form, and do not receive it by February 28; or

- If the form contains incorrect information


Health Care Reform Hours Memo

Based on changes made in the Affordable Care Act, all employers are required to create one consistent definition of a full-time employee for all employee groups. The IRS states (Section 4980H of the IRS Code) that the statutory definition of a full-time employee is an employee that is working an average of at least 30 hours per week or more. The definition Colorado Springs School District 11 will implement is as follows;
All ESP employees who work at least an average of 30 hours per week or more (1050 hours total for the year) will be eligible for benefits.
Beginning August 1, 2015, Colorado Springs School District 11 will determine benefits eligibility using a 12-month look-back measurement period. The initial look back period will be 8/1/14-7/31/15. If, during this look-back measurement period, you worked under the average of 30 hours per week (under 1050 total hours for the year), you will no longer be eligible for benefits (this includes Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability Insurance) the following year (10/1/15-9/30/16). If you worked the 1050 hours for the year or more, you will continue to carry your benefits for another year.
If you were NOT eligible for benefits, but worked at least 1050 hours for the year (8/1/14-7/31/15), you will now become eligible for benefits from 10/1/15-9/30/16 and will be reevaluated again the following year.
Eligibility for the next period (10/1/16 – 9/30/17) will be based on a new measurement period starting 8/1/15 and ending 7/31/16.


These documents are available in paper form upon request.  For a printed copy, please contact employee benefits at  All PDF's can also be printed directly from this page.