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Training times that work for everyone are difficult; therefore, we have created a PowerPoint presentation for “all things stipends”.   It’s approximately 12 minutes long so it’s not a huge time investment but the outcome is priceless.  The Teacher Stipend and Entering Payments Guidebook have been updated.  This book contains step by step instructions with screenshots of entering the teacher stipends.  Please print the guidebook and feel free to add notes in the margin that help you. Spreadsheets are no longer submitted to HR and are only issued as a tool to help your building or department complete data entry for your location.  Schools and departments have complete control over the stipends as long as they are approved in the Master Agreement.  Also, instead of confusing stipend sheets by the semester, there is now one spreadsheet for the entire year.  The Excel format allows your location to edit as needed for semesters.  The stipend payments will be entered by each school/department’s time entry designee.  Article 15 of the Master Agreement is an excellent source for stipend information.


Stipend data entry must be completed by October 15, 2023 for first semester and March 31, 2024 for second semester by 4:30 p.m. or the payment may not pull through correctly for payroll.  These dates are consistent every year for an easy addition to your yearly calendar. Stipend payments will be included on the December 1 or June 1 paycheck as specified in the Master Agreement.


IMPORTANTPlease remember that an ESP, who has a waiver to serve in a stipend position, must record the time each month on his/her timesheets so that it is paid on a monthly basis at their current hourly rate of pay or the overtime rate if weekly worked hours exceed 40 hours.  ESPs are never paid a flat lump sum stipend, as this would be a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  ESP should be entered along with teachers for stipend payments for easy tracking. PeopleSoft has been coded to track for budgeting purposes but will not pay the ESP employee since hourly employees have already been paid through TCP. 


Ø  Questions about the validity of a stipend, please contact Joe Schott or your building’s association representative (AR) 

Ø  Questions about a Fine Art/VAPA stipend, please contact Laurilea McDaniel, VAPA Facilitator 

Ø  General stipend questions, please contact Compensation OfficeJanit Pollard, Compensation Specialist, or Ileana Melendez, Compensation Coordinator 

Guidebook for Entering Teacher Stipend

Stipend Forms

2023-2024 ES Stipend Form

2023-2024 MS Stipend Form

2023-2024 HS Stipend Form

2023-2024 SPED District Department Chair Stipend Form

2023-2024 CTSO Stipend Form

2023-2024 Vocational Education Stipend Form