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    2020 Tesla Summer School Enrollment Form

    SESSION 1 May 30th -June 10th
    SESSION 2 June 11th-20th
    TIME:  7:30am-12:30pm Session 1 & 2

    *Early Registration April 1th - May 17th $125 (Per Session) *Late Registration May 17th- May 29th  $165 (Per Session)

    This summer District Eleven's Summer School will be held at Tesla Educational Opportunity School/Roy J Wasson Academic Campus beginning May 30th, 2018. Summer School Courses are intended to be credit recovery only.  One course may be taken in session 1 (May 30th- June 10th) and/or one course in session 2 (June 11-20). Instruction is very focused, so attendance is vital. The following attendance policy will be enforced:

    Each tardy to a given class will result in a .5 attendance penalty point. A student will be dropped from class, without refund or credit on the 4th tardy to class. Each absence is worth 1 attendance penalty point.

    A student will be dropped from class without credit or refund on the 2rd full absence in that class.

    Any accumulation of absences or tardies that total 1.5 penalty points will result in a student being dropped from class, without refund or credit.

    • Students are to be in class, on time, each and every day, NO EXCUSES.
    • It is advisable not to sign up for Summer School if work hours, family vacations or appointments conflict with Summer School days or hours. No exceptions and no late registrations will be accepted.
    • Courses listed will be offered only if enough students enroll in them before Summer School begins. Summer School is a self-supporting program. Only if a course is canceled will a refund be made. Refunds will be given for the following circumstances:
      • If a student passes the class he thought he needed to take in summer school (notification from the home school counselor is required).
      • If a class is canceled before summer school starts due to lack of enrollment.

    A student who attends a class for one day only or is disenrolled for inappropriate behavior or poor attendance will receive no refund. Students must furnish their own transportation. Parking is on the North and South side of the building. 

    NOTE: Students who have been expelled from any school are not eligible to enroll in Summer School during the expulsion period.

    We encourage you to enroll by mail. The sooner we know our enrollment, the sooner we can let you know if the course will be offered. The cost for each class is $125 for early Registration and $165 for late registration. If you don't hear from one of the summer school staff, you can assume your class will take place.


    • There are no scholarships or financial aid
    • Full payment must be made at the time of enrollment..
    • Check/money order should be made payable to District 11 Summer School.

    If you have any questions, please contact your student's school counselor or call any of the following numbers 328-2110 or 328-2115.



    • Walk-in registration may be submitted on May 29th from 8:00a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    • Walk-in registrations will also be accepted on the first day of school from 7- 9 a.m. and ONLY if space is available. 
    • All Walk-in registrations will be considered late registration and the fee will be $165.
    • Complete the application form, obtain the required signatures and bring check or money order for the correct amount to the Main School Office, Tesla Educational Opportunity School, at 2115 Afton Way.
    • A receipt will be provided. Please retain receipt as confirmation for class or classes.