Virtual schedule is as follows:
    1- 8:00-8:15
    2- 8:20-8:35
    3- 8:40-8:55
    4- 9:00-9:15
    5- 9:20-9:35
    6- 9:40-9:55
    7- 10:00-10:15
    8- 10:20-10:35
    9- 10:40-10:55
    Office time- 11:15-12:15
    Night school Office time-4:00-5:00
    (periods 10-12)
    Our mission is using adaptive and innovative strategies, we empower each student
     academically and behaviorally.  We commit ourselves to foster a safe and supportive environment built on mutual respect.
    Tesla Educational Opportunity School is a fully accredited alternative school of choice for students who prefer attending a school in a non-traditional setting.  Our small enrollment is designed to meet individual learning styles and needs.  Through our safe and caring environment we strive to foster a community that prepares our students to be competent, productive, and contributing citizens in a global society. 
    We understand that every student learns in different ways.  We focus on the whole child in our environment, culture, and academic programs.  We feel privileged to be part of this opportunity to provide our students with a place to succeed and belong.  We offer our students a positive and safe educational opportunity.  Our students can earn a high school diploma through hard work and the combined support of school and community.
    Tesla is an alternative style of education with individualized and small group instruction. Advisors will meet with students on a daily basis and will assist with parental involvement. Students are given individualized, personal and academic goals.  Tesla offers flexible scheduling, which permits the freedom to select a schedule that can be coordinated with non-school obligations.